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Over the years we have been called upon by other Stone cleaning companies to correct, clean up, and repair messes they have gotten themselves into. The results they promised their clients did not turn out as expected, and they didn’t know how to correct it.

In some situations we have served our competitors, usually contractors, who took on work they were not equipped to handle, and realized it. They wanted to keep their promise to the client, even at their own expense, and did so by having us step in at the last minute to help them correct their work on the job site. For them, bringing us in was a desperate measure and a very costly one at that.

Unfortunately, many businesses, claiming expertise in our line of work, want the money but lack the knowledge and experience to do stone and tile cleaning and repair the proper way. They don’t fully understand the range of stone and tile materials out there and how they will react to different products involved in the treatment of these materials.

In this industry expertise and experience really counts. Whether you choose our company or one more local to where you live or work, we urge you to do your research and make sure the stone cleaning service you choose has the background and experience to really serve you.

Wishing you a clean, healthy, and happy year ahead!

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